ready to revamp the student housing system?

you can make a change


Ready to revamp the housing system? You can make a change. Just as the students of ‘The Turned Table’ did. They tell you all about their cultural cocktail in the first episode of Campus Cribs.

This series is an initiative by De Veste, the student housing company of the University of Twente campus.


Choosing a new roomie based on certain preferences is okay. Certain, right? Not preferences that people cannot change.

Choose the unknown and strive for a cultural mix. For inclusivity. Open minds open doors. Doors to new traditions. To fresh flavours. To fave friends. From all over the world.

Join the movement and shake things up. Dare to mix. Set an example and turn your house at the campus into a unique cultural cocktail.

any questions?

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what is it?
#culturalcocktail is an initiative of De Veste (part of Vechtdal Wonen) to increase the inclusiveness and diversity in student houses on the campus.
how to become a #culturalcocktail?
Is your student house a #culturalcocktail? Do you mix it up? Set your example! E-mail us!